Solaris 11 zone with vnic and dualstack IPv4 and IPv6

Post original em Jason’s Blog

So today I managed to get a Solaris 11 zone up and running dualstacked for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Here’s how:

I started with a clean installation of Solaris 11. From the start I disabled the crappy NWAM (network automagic) – ala do sh!t behind your back and take all control away from you. Also, you cannot assign a static ipv6 address to a machine running nwam.

svcadm disable svc:/network/physical:nwam
svcadm enable svc:/network/physical:default

NB, this will nuke all your interfaces so make sure you have hands-on access to your server. You can then restore your global zone network by bringing up the interface and assigning IPs to put it back on the network.

Now for the virtual NICs:

Create 1 vnic for each zone you want to run:
dladm create-vnic -l e1000g0 vnic1

To see the VNIC you have just added:
dladm show-vnic

Now, dont assign any address objects to the vnics in the global zone otherwise the zones will not be able to use them.

Create Zone
zonecfg -z zone1
set zonepath=/export/zone1
set ip-type=exclusive
set autoboot-true
add net
set physical=vnic1

Now, install the zone:
zoneadm -z zone1 install

boot the zone:
zoneadm -z zone1 boot

Login to the zone:
zlogin -z zone1 -C

(Run through all the setup options and finally login to your new zone)

Once logged into the zone we can assign the IP addresses. Here I will focus on the IPv6 because I’m sure you can add your own v4 address ;)

ipadm create-addr -t -T addrconf vnic1/v6auto
ipadm create-addr -t -T static -a fd::10/64 vnic1/v6static

for some reason to be able to add a static IP you *have* to enable the addrconf (auto assigned) v6 addresses. I have found however that you can remove the addrconf one after you have added the static (if need be)


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