How To Create a Zone in Solaris 11

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This explains how to setup development zones in Solaris 11- this is described as part of a larger HOWTO (Refer to: but is repeated here as a standalone guide.

Start from the global zone.

To create the virtual NICs:

Create 1 vnic for each zone you want to run:
dladm create-vnic -l e1000g0 vnic1

To see the VNIC you have just added:
dladm show-vnic

Do not assign any address objects to the vnics in the global zone otherwise the zones will not be able to use them.

Create Zone
zonecfg -z zone1
set zonepath=/export/zone1
set ip-type=exclusive
set autoboot=true
add net
set physical=vnic1

Now, install the zone:
zoneadm -z zone1 install

Boot the zone:
zoneadm -z zone1 boot

To finish the process login to the zone:
zlogin -C zone1

Extra – to enable SSH root login to zone:

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
PermitRootLogin = yes

vi /etc/default/login

CONSOLE  =/dev/login|console rolemod -K type=normal root

svcadm disable ssh

svcadm enable ssh

To delete a zone (NB There is no undo!)

zoneadm -z zone1 halt

zoneadm -z zone1 uninstall

zonecfg -z zone1 delete

If you want to remove the vnic as well do:

dladm delete-vnic vnic1


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